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  • They were shooting far before this point by comparison.  If anyone doubts the government has been at War with We the People for decades, watch this video and you will be convinced:

    • Here's how to embed your video on a Reply. Great video, by the way.

      • Thanks.  It is old but given the lack of coverage even from Trump, I see n reason to think anything has changed unless it has gotten worse.

        What troubled me was two things he said, those being:

        1. FEMA is planning on 200 Million deaths, and
        2. Our own government has been at War with the American People for years.  (I think he said over 100 though I listen to so many videos I don't recall the exact number)

        Given the fact that we are being overrun by millions of vicious gang members who have zero hesitation to murder Americans or torture them in other ways, I believe we need to pay attention to this issue given the fact that our government has a known history of planning to commit genocide on a global scale under the Agenda 21 plan.


        In hoc vinces.

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